EuroSoll – Top class products

Eurosoll is a new range of chemicals on the market, consisting of degreasers, lubricants and care agents in addition to special products. The range of chemicals exists in spray form and as containers of different quantities.

EuroSoll is an innovative range, and the products are manufactured for the most quality-conscious operators within industry and production.

Our products stand out from other chemical products as they use a carbon dioxide-based propellant. There are a number of benefits to using carbon dioxide as a propellant:

• Carbon dioxide is non-flammable, which means greater work safety for employees
• Using carbon dioxide as a propellant means a large particle size, thus reducing the risk of
absorption through the airways. This ensures a better working environment for product users
• The products contain a greater concentration of active ingredients compared to products that use propane/butane as the
propellant. Using carbon dioxide as the propellant guarantees 100% utilisation of capacity
• The products work better at low working temperatures than products using propane/butane
as the propellant
• Carbon dioxide has less of an impact on the greenhouse effect than propane/butane, and the products are therefore less harmful to the environment