Citrus cleaner dissolves glue residue, resin, tar, fat, wax, oil, etc. Citrus cleaner (Citrusrens) is also an extremely effective label remover.

Product description:

Citrus cleaner is based on citrus oils. The product effectively dissolves glue residue, resin, tar, grease, wax, oil, printing ink, felt-tip ink etc. Citrus cleaner (Citrusrens) is highly suitable for dissolving and removing labels. The product can be used on all surfaces. Citrus cleaner (Citrusrens) does not corrode, but can dull certain types of paintwork. Citrus cleaner (Citrusrens) is pH neutral.

EuroSoll uses carbon dioxide as the propellant in its spray canisters. Using carbon dioxide makes the products safer for the user and means that the majority of our products do not have a compulsory labelling requirement. The raw materials are environmentally friendly and have a high flash point.